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[IP] Re: Colonoscopy

I had this procedure done 3 weeks ago. I submit the following suggestions:

1. Do not change your basal rates unless it is necessary. Check your BG
every hour.

2. I was told to do the following by my pharmacist:

     - Do not drink any clear juices because any trace amount of pulp will
screw up the test.
     - Most people choose the lemon lime flavor for the gallon of wonder
that is to be consumed.
     - The gallon of solution does not contain any carbohydrates.
     - Prepare the mixture and cool it in the frig. for several hours - it
goes down better cold.
     - Drink several glasses of cold water after the gallon of wonder to
avoid dehydration.
     - Do not drink anything or take any medication after midnight.

3. I learned the following:

     - If you choose lemon lime, do not choose a lemon lime soft drink. You
will be totally sick of the lemon lime flavor after the gallon of wonder.
       I purchased diet 7 UP & regular 7 UP to drink. I adjusted low BS
with the regular 7 UP. I could hardly drink the lemon lime drinks after the
gallon of wonder. Ginger Ale may be a better choice.
     - I kept a 8 oz. container of the solution on ice before drinking. I
had to drink 8 oz of the stuff every 20 min. until the gallon of wonder was
     - Pick a good book to read while the gallon of wonder pass through
your system. Do not venture far from the bathroom.
     - After the gallon of wonder take a warm shower. You are going to feel
as clean as a whistle.
     - The procedure the next morning is a piece of cake. I adjusted my
basal rate after 9:00 PM to try to maintain my BG @ 120. You are going to
be out for about 2 - 3 hrs. I was in no pain after the procedure.

     Follow all of the above suggestions. If the doctor encounters any pulp
from juice, he will abort the procedure and you get to repeat the cleaning
process with the gallon of wonder.

4. Follow through with the process. I put it off for 2 years until my
Doctor insisted that I need to be examined because I am over 40. I felt
nothing was wrong because I did not have any pain or bleeding. The follow
up visit surprised me. The doctor had removed two microscopic polyps from
my upper colon. Lab analysis showed that these were the type of polyps that
would have developed into cancer. The doctor told me that it takes about
8-9 years before the polyps develops into cancer. He said that I had a
clean bill of health concerning colon cancer and that I did not have to
have another exam for 7 years. This is not a pleasant procedure, but the
results made me a believer that the procedure is justified to reduce your
chances of developing colon cancer. I have already made my appointment for
my 2009 exam.

Good Luck
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