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Re: [IP] Honeymoon Period

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> yes, I agree, I'm just trying to think what this
> endo's train of thought is.  
> Is this an endo that is pro pump or are they not
> familiar with it?
> --
> 			Erin:)
My honeymoon lasted 5 years. It was so easy to control
then. For the next 8 years my BS were all over the
place. This phenomenon was very strong and impossible
to control. Every combination of NPH and Humalog was
tried. I experienced frequent middle of the night
lows.And of course I always thought I was doing
something wrong.  The pump has, along with better
control, given me confidence that I can control this
disease. Not always but I see much more cause and
effect then I ever did on shots. meg
Who knows if I would have started pumping earlier I
may still be on my honeymoon. Interesting word choice
for this phenomenon.

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