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Re: [IP] humolog

>I have been pumping for 5 months now using humolog and have been having
>some strange problems. For example I bolus at 12:00 for lunch with a bg
>of 120 at 3:00 I'm 210 at 4:00 I'm 190 at 5:30 I'm 62 same activity all
>day and I've tested my basal a week ago and it was correct. I changed
>sites from my stomach to my hip thinking absorption problem and still
>get the same, high all day, low after 5-6 hours. Has any one else
>experienced this with humolog? Or any other ideas. I'm switching endos
>and can't get in for two more weeks. 
>I thought humolog was out of your system in three hours.

For the average person, Humalog is out of the system in 3.3 hours, but 
can vary from person to person between 3-4 hours.  I doubt Humalog 
itself is the problem.  Some thoughts to consider...

The delayed rise (120 to 210 four hours after bolus) could be an 
indication of the type of food you are eating.  If you are eating a 
high-protein or high-fat food, it might be a delay caused by that (high-
glycemic food, etc).  I, too, often get lows just prior to dinner.  I 
find that my basal requirements can fluctuate a bit for no apparent 
reason.  If you set your basal rates while eating (or not eating) a 
certain type of meal, and then later eat differently, your basal rate 
might be different.  I find I get the best basal rate by checking it 
when I don't eat nor give a bolus.  Go a few days skipping lunch and 
see if you experience a drop in blood sugar late in the afternoon.  If 
so, you will probably have to back off your basal rate for that time 
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