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Re: [IP] Vent

>>He talks to the pharmacist and she comes over and said, you don't 
really test yourself 10 times a day do you. <<

OK Fess up.
You only test once a day and sell the rest on the Diabetic Black Market.

I got the same thing from my insurer's perferred Surgical Supply Provider.

Walgreen would prefer to sell the 50's to some poor person at cost.
By "Giving" them to you, they have to accept your insurer's discounted price, cutting into their profits.

Edgepark (My Ex supplier) had the Freestyle Tracker in their catalog as an E0607 (Glucose monitor)
My insurer says they will pay for any glucose monitor.
But Edgepark says for insurers, the code should be X6503 (unlisted DME) so they can get more money.
My insurer now calls it a convienence and a luxury item.
I'm fuming at this and fighting it but that's another story.

So I will get all my supplies from Minimed From now on.
The last shipment for 3 months worth of supplies from Edgepark came to $1700.
Their loss.

I'm done venting too.
John & his Paradigm (Who wants his supplies from Minimed too)

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