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Re: [IP] Glucogon

>> Since giving glucagon when "not" needed does not harm, there is no 
>> liability issue unless the school "fails" to give it.
>In contrast, giving epinephrine at the wrong time/dose can be very 

I don't think that is true.  Well, perhaps dose.  But epinephrine is 
not dangerous to give (though, it could drive up a diabetics blood 

When my oldest son was 3, I woke up to the sound of him screaming one 
morning.  I went in to his room, and found that he had gotten into his 
Epi-Pen Jr and gave himself a shot in the wrist!  I panicked, and 
called 911, who directed me to a doctor on the phone.  I told them what 
happened, and they said that it would not hurt him...he might just act 
a little hyper for a couple of hours.  They were more concerned with 
the possibility that the needle could have hit a nerve or tendon, etc 
(which it didn't).  

On a followup, I was told that epinephrine is NOT dangerous at all...it 
is just adrenaline, and it would take a very large amount to pose any 

BTW, we later learned that keeping his medicine up in a cupboard 
apparently wasn't good enough for a 3 year old...he knew how to get 
chairs to reach it.  :-)  (He wasn't scared of the needle because he 
watched me give myself a shot every day.)
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