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Re: [IP] Vent


Complain to the Pharmacy Manager about this person's attitude.    You have
a right to friendly service,  as well as a right to not be negatively
about how often you do something positive for your health.

Typically the boxes of 50 cost more than the 50% price of the 100's,  so
that's probably why this person was trying to avoid using up that stock.
However,  my Walgreen's quite often will give me a few 50's when they don't
have the correct amount of 100's to make up the 400 strips we use a month.
And they do this without my asking,  as well as without complaint.

If you don't get any satisfaction with the pharmacy mgr,  talk to the General
Store Manager (make sure its not one of the Asst Mgrs.).   You can also
ask them for the phone number of the regional manager.


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