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[IP] Re: glucagon

I doubt they ever will. From what I understand, glucagon doesn't
have a very long half-life once mixed. That's why you have to mix
it at the time you need it. It really would be nice if they could
make it premixed though! We use normal insulin syringes and
inject it SQ, not IM (it can be done either way). It's a lot less
intimidating that way. :) We keep an insulin syringe and a tube
of glucose gel taped to the top of the glucagon kit, per dr's

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Lyndy said:
I'm convinced that if they could come up with a way make the
glucagon kit so that it was premixed and had a short needle
"pen-like" design the resistance to it would be greatly
reduced --- one look at that syringe and humongous needle and
school adminstrators generally run in the other direction as fast
as possible
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