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Re: [IP] New Pumper to be

You will love Animas and their customer support. We had almost the exact 
same experience two years ago with our daughter. Her pumping anniversary 
is December 10.


John Kaspar wrote:

>I just wanted to let this post know that thanks to all of your input and post
>over the last month I have decided to begin pumping. My Endo is very excited.
>I interviewed in person with both the MM rep and the Animas rep. The Animas
>rep actually came to my house and showed my entire family what it is all
>about. He gave me a copy of Pumping Insulin free. He called me over the
>Thanksgiving Holiday to see how I was doing. He gave me a Palm M105 and the
>ezManager for free. And they are offering 24 months no interest financing for
>my out of pocket expenses. The MM rep called to tell me they were having a
>hard time dealing with my Insurance Company. The Animas rep has been extremely
>helpful and courteous. Never Pushy. Last night I got a voice mail from the MM
>reps assistant wanting to know when I was going to buy their product and start
>pumping. Being a salesman for the last 10 years I know the process involved in
>selling. The Animas rep sold me by being interested in my life and
>understanding the reasons for wanting to pump. The MM rep was selling a
>product. I know that all this probably doesn't mean much with everyone having
>a different rep/geographic location. I just wanted to share with everyone my
>excitement on deciding to pump. I have chosen the Animas IR1000. I have also
>chosen to use the MM infusion sets as Animas doesn't have anything like the
>insert tools that MM has. My Animas rep said they will do that for me.
>So the count down begins!
>My target date to Start is 01/06/03.
>Wish me luck!
>John Kaspar
>DXd 09/97
>email @ redacted
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