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Re: [IP] Glucogon

Does the 504 mention glucagon? Your friend should contact the ADA and 
get an attorney. The school could lose their federal funding including 
Special Ed and Title 1 if they are out of compliance.

I just got our high school district to hire someone who is qualified to 
train toe administer glucagon. I was days away from mailing in the form 
to ADA to get an attorney.

It took several months, but the nurse trains selected staff members next 


Jan Clinthorne wrote:

>I have a friend whose child was diagnosed March of this year.  They have a 504
>plan in effect at the elementary school.  The principal is refusing to
>administer Glucogon.  Can they do that?  How is administering Glucogon
>different that administering an Epi-pen if a child has an allergic reaction?
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