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Re: [IP] being a teacher

A Resource Teacher is a type of special ed teacher who works with kids 
who have learning disabilities but who function high enough to be in 
regular ed class. It does require a special ed credential beyond the 
regular teaching credential. Resource Teachers in most places are 
involved in the testing to qualify students for special ed. They also 
meet annually with parents and teachers to set goals for each student. 
The Resource Teacher at my school has a very satisfying job, but with a 
lot of reports and paper work.

I am a reading specialist, which in CA requires a MA in literacy and an 
extra credential. I also get to work with small groups of kids, as well 
as serve as a literacy coach / trainer for other classroom teachers in 
my district. It is a wonderful job.


Kathy Bruckmeyer wrote:

>I never went through with my dream of becoming a teacher because I didn't
>want to have to do all the paperwork so I did tons of volunteering all my
>life and continue to do so.
>I can tell you that if you live in the US, there is what is called a
>"resource teacher" who practically works one on one with the students who
>are low and need extra special help.
>These children have first been tested to see what their needs are and then
>the resource teacher goes from there.  The resource teacher goes from room
>to room and gathers anywhere from one to five students and works with them
>on a daily basis.
>If I had to do it all over again I would perhaps think of doing that but
>then there is even more paperwork to deal with.
>Right now I'm very content to be doing volunteering working with students
>very low in reading and the sld primary children.  They are a handful and I
>come home exhausted on the days I see them but they are precious.
>Good luck in whatever field you choose but even though teaching isn't a good
>paying job it is extremely rewarding.
>Kathy B.
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