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[IP] A good Mini-med experience

Well, I just thought I would post another positive Mini-med experience.  
Lately I have not gotten more than a week out of a battery for my Paradigm 
and the last one only lasted me 3 days.  In addition to this the past 5 times 
I changed the battery I got an E21 alarm (even though I only had the battery 
out for 6 seconds) and had to reprogram the whole pump.  I had enough of that 
so I called Mini-med at 11:30 this morning and they took my name and number 
and asked what the problem was and told me that someone would get back to me 
as soon as possible.  After I hung up I expected to wait around all day for 
the call, but they called me back in 30 minutes.  The lady was very, very 
nice when I told her what the problem was she immediately told me that she 
would send me a new pump and it would be here tomorrow morning before 
10:30am.  After hearing the horror stories from other members on this list I 
was quite shocked at how painless the experience was.  I guess this just goes 
to show that just because a few people had an "unpleasant" experience with a 
Mini-med personnel, it does mean that the whole company went down the tubes.

    Diagnosed 8-13-93 (age 11)
    Pumping since 7-18-02 w/ my blue Paradigm "Lancelot"
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