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Re: [IP] Halle Berry......again

In a message dated 12/4/2002 8:59:07 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> There was a thread about Halley about a year or so ago and it was 
> speculated that she may have what's called "Atypical" diabetes, found 
> mostly in blacks that presents like Type 1 in kids but stabalizes as 
> Type 2 later in life.

This same info was posted on another list I'm on.  Apparently this type of 
diabetes (some referred to it as Type 1b) is not well understood.  As I 
understand it, during the period where it presents like type 1 there is 
little to no insulin production but there is also no autoimmune response 
behind the lack of insulin production (i.e.  no antibodies present and thus 
the beta cells have not been killed off by the the body, they just aren't 
functioning).  If anyone out there knows more about this type, I'd be very 
interested to get more facts about it.

Pumpmama to Katie
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