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"Now, I mean this with all respect.  But if you figure that you will normally
sleep 8 hours a night that leaves 16 hours in which to test 10 times.

Please try to understand the pharmacist who is incredulous over that amount
of testing.

Who's CDE wants 6 - 8 tests a day and finds that hard to do!"

Chris, I'm in the "Honeymoon Period" and started on the pump in August.  I test when I wake up, before and after meals and before bed - that's 8 times a day.  Then I test before I drive, so depending on the day, add a couple more.  Throw in some exercise, basal testing, middle-of-the-night testing, or an occasional low where you eat a glucose tab and retest every 15 minutes, and it really starts to add up.  I test at least 12 times a day.  If I test less than that, I'm not doing much at all that day and it's a vacation.

While still trying to figure out my carb-to-insulin ratio after dinner one evening, a non-diabetic "friend" said, "I think you're testing too much" (as if she had a clue).  And this was when I was still on shots with unpredictable lows.  My co-workers, on the other hand, appear to be relieved at my frequent testing, since nobody wants me passed out on "their watch," even though it's never happened.  They're always asking if I'm okay and if I need to eat.  I try to explain that with a pump that's not necessary (but that's another topic for another posting).

As far as I'm concerned it's peace of mind, and my insurance does not cover the entire cost of my strips.  Although I have to say, in fairness to your defense of the pharmacist, I have seen test strips for sale on E-Bay.

(dx'd 3/02, pumping since 8/02)
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