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Re: [IP] Vent


I remember hearing on lists awhile back of people  testing 10 to 12 times a
day.  My first thought was, "My God!  Do they have a spigot to drain all
that blood?"

Now, I mean this with all respect.  But if you figure that you will normally
sleep 8 hours a night that leaves 16 hours in which to test 10 times.

Please try to understand the pharmacist who is incredulous over that amount
of testing.


Who's CDE wants 6 - 8 tests a day and finds that hard to do!
> Sorry, I just got so frustrated that this women would tell me that I don't
> test myself 10 times a day as though it were a bad thing to take control
> this disease and do something that can very possible keep my body healthy.
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