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[IP] Reply to Tina: re Colonoscopy

When My procedure was done, my butt doc ask for precise instructions from my
Endo.  Per my Endo's instructions: pump remained connected, I set my basals to
0.5 units per hour (0.9 units/hour is my normal) for the  entire prep day of
liquid diet plus "yuck."   Basals were left at 0.5 u/hr thru the end of the
procedure on the day of the procedure.  They were pleased that I knew what to
do with the pump and let me have the lead on that part.

My Endo also provided a liquid diet sheet for the prep day.  Non red Jell-O,
clear broth, clear soda, white grape juice, white cranberry juice ( very good
).  Watch out for broth, it is on diet list but not all is clear and it has a
boat load of sodium.  The gallon of "yuck" I took is called NuLYTELY and has
no nutritional value or carbs.  I chose the orange flavor but can't really
recommend it.  It also comes in Regular flavor ( isn't that scary ), Cherry,
and Lemon-Lime.

Hospital gowns have no pockets for pump and mine just road along in my hand or
on the gurney or table.  I told each new person about it so they would be
aware, but after the first nurse they had always passed that info along
already.  No one was familiar with insulin pumps, other than knowing they
exist, and asked a number of questions.  The doc imagined the infusion site
was a permanent surgically installed thing.

My Bg's actually ran low the entire time and I even took a Dex Glucose tab (
as I had been instructed ) the morning of the procedure when my Bg was 75.
Didn't want to bounce while being examined.

Only the best,  Rex
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