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[IP] Re: CDE requirements

I've been told the CDE exam is 90% about type 2 diabetes. Y'all
better start studying up (slightly different ballgame). :) Also,
your personal experience with diabetes, whether it is with
yourself or your diabetic child or other family member, does not
count (there is a long list of experiences that do not count, and
these are on there). After you've met the educational background
(one of the various degrees, RN, RD etc) you then have to accrue
so many hours (1000?) of direct patient contact (don't remember
if it has to be in a clinical setting but I think it does) for it
to count. THEN and only then can you sit the exam (and I believe
you can take it as many times as you like, and then once
certified you have to recertify every 5yrs). If I'm mistaken I'm
sure someone will correct me. If my calculations are correct
(hehehe!, sorry, couldn't resist) it would take someone like me
ooh?, about 6yrs minimum, but probably closer to 8 or 10 to be
able to become a CDE. I'm not trying to discourage anyone, it's
just that some people don't realize all that is involved in
getting there.

I would like to be a CDE myself one day, as well as a Privte
Investigator...but I also like medical forensics so maybe a
Medical Examiner (I've read too many Patricia Cornwell novels)?
;) Or even a forensic investigator. Oh but wait, there's that
minor detail called money (and that other thing called time.) :)

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