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Re: [IP] Colonoscopy

At 12/5/2002, 12:07 PM Richard's Steakhouse wrote:
 >Anyone out there had a colonoscopy?  What did you do with your pump?  Stay
 >hooked up or go off?  What about the day before preparations; the no solid
 >foods;  drinking that gallon of yuck; what did it do to your blood sugars?

I had one last January. The worst part is the preparation and having to 
drink that gallon of glop. With a pump it's relatively easy, since with 
just your basals you should stay reasonably stable. If you do go low, the 
doctor told me that apple juice was OK to drink. I kept my pump going 
during the procedure and they monitored my BG's to make sure that 
everything was OK. They gave me something that put me into the twilight 
zone, so remember very little of the procedure itself.

Everything just quickly went back to normal, as soon as I started to eat 
regular once again.

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