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[IP] Merck-Medco Update (almost a rant/vent)

I've been through my first Merck-Medco mail order prescipription fill process.

Interesting, if nothing else positive to say about it.  Why it takes two weeks
to fill presccriptions before even attempting to gett them shipped is a
complete mystery to me.

I've been wrangling with them over test strips, which turned out to be a
with the way the script was written by my Dr.  There was conflicting
on the prescription regarding quantities.  The 3mo supply amount was listed as
750, but the daily amount was only listed as 4x.  Guess which one they filled
number they used?  (the 4x of course)  My Dr. faxed them a new one for 7x,
they are now filling.  I'll probably end up with another 630 strips, in
to the 400 they've already sent.  Should be interesting to see what they do.

Wouldn't you think that if there was conflicting information on a prescription
that the pharmacist filling it would throw some sort of flag and trace down
which amount was actually being requested?

When I called my Dr. to get the script updated, they asked me which pharmacy
was filling it, I mentioned Medco.   The response on the other end of the phone
was an exasperated sigh.  No more information needed.  They've been down this
path before.

Thanks for listening, sorry for the length.


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