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[IP] Re: Honey Moon Period

This is a time when a new diabetic will see their insulin production vary up and down as the insulin cells being attacked by the body's immune system put up a fight of sorts before slowly and surely dying off- Mine lasted for 3 months- 

I believe that the barbara Davis Center in Denver did a lot of research on this and I recall hearing that they had put some patients on anti-rejection drugs to lower the body's immune system so it stopped attacking the insulin producing cells.  It had some positive eefects but the amount of dosage needed outweighed the positives due to drug reactions.  I would say if it's a pump or injections, you need to get a new diabetic with igher than normal insulin regardless of delivery system-  The pump seems ideal to cover for peaks and declines in insulin production, but the new diabetic has to be educated on testing their BSg-  It is a wierd time becuase one day your diabetic and one day your not- You just have to roll with it with aggresive monitoring of your BSg's-

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