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I always carry a bottle of Novalog and Humalin R in my blood kit in case my pump is unable to bring down a high sugar- I typically try a combo of 1/3 novalog and 2/3 humalin (you can mix the two together) and then test about an hour later and again, after 3 hours. These are about the times these insulins peak in my system. If the BSg comes down within the first hour, I know I need to eat to cover the humalin peak coming up-  If my BSg is still high, then I wait to see the effect of the humalin R.  I have found that the pump is great for me until I accidently go over a certain BSg number.  In this case, an injection works a lot better than a big bolus with the pump- I'm not sure why, but my body seems to react better by bringing down high BSg's this way-  And I am not one of those who strictly control their diabetes with a pump- My site absorption is too erratic.  I use injections often and find the combination of therapy works the best for me-  But I've been diabetic for 26 years so I have experience to rely upon-  You may want to ask your Doc about this and how he would split your doasages- - We are all different eh?  

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