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Re: [IP] Help Please

>>> Last night my sugar was 352 when I went to bed.  Checked it in the
of the night.  It was still high and I had taken 4
units of insulin by injection.  Got up this morning and it was 382, took
more insulin by injection, ate and it is 377 now.>>>

The standard rule is to change the site after two UNexplained highs over
25(?) or 300 (?). Since these highs were unexplained, a site change would be
called for. Also since you said you *cooked* I am assuming you had guests.
Maybe with your compromised immune system you picked up a *bug* from someone
who maybe not had full-blown symptoms yet.

Take care and let us know. (~_^)

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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The fact you are willing to say, "I do not understand, and it is fine," is
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