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Re: [IP] Vent - amount of strips

I have heard that people will ask for more than they need and sell the extra
for cash they can do other things with.  Essentially, they're stealing money
from the insurance company by reselling supplies they never intended to use.

As diabetics (or insulin challenged individuals if you prefer) we get the
raw end of process because we actually use larger amounts of test strips and

--- Trish Ober <email @ redacted> wrote:

> WHY would you get 300 strips per months if you didn't really use them for
> blood testing?  It's not like they are good for much else (at least that I
> have been able to figure out anyway) and with the amount of out-of-pocket I
> put out for prescriptions each year, it's not like I buy them just to spend
> money.
> Trish

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