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[IP] Vent - amount of strips

I too had a pharmacist once tell me that I "couldn't possibly test myself, or
want to test myself, 10 to 15 times per day.  I said yes I do and that I
exercise a lot, etc.  He just looked at me as if he didn't believe me either
and was questioning why I got so many strips per month.  He went on to say
"you should be testing four times per day - once at meals and once at
bedtime".  I said "I have a pump - I test more than that" and again he just
looked at me.  Then I said "I would be MORE than happy to trade bodies with
you and let you figure out how to deal with this on 4 strips a day" and he
didn't say anymore and gave me all my strips.  Now think about it real hard -
WHY would you get 300 strips per months if you didn't really use them for
blood testing?  It's not like they are good for much else (at least that I
have been able to figure out anyway) and with the amount of out-of-pocket I
put out for prescriptions each year, it's not like I buy them just to spend
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