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Re: [IP] Another whopper of a lawsuit

While I don't think that this lawsuit is going to succeed in court, 
McDonald's has come out publicly and stated that they do not market to 
children.  I think we can all agree that is just plain false--I mean, the 
pitchman for McDonald's is a freakin' clown!.  I hope that this suit will 
result in McDonald's and other fast food companies being more responsible in 
their menu selections and especially advertising.  I agree that an adult is 
responsible for what they choose to eat.  But, the fact is that children 
don't read the nutrition guidelines and wouldn't know what they meant 

Granted, parents need to more involved in what their children are eating 
(but many of them are not), and people in general need to be more informed 
about proper nutrition.  The fact is that this country has a weight problem 
and that's contributing to huge amounts of medical costs every year, and 
those costs are increasing--fast.  Blame our sedentary lifestyle, blame 
parents, blame fast food joints, blame 'em all--I don't care; there's plenty 
of blame to go around.  But, McDonald's isn't blameless, and if this lawsuit 
results in some kind of restraint by the fast food companies, then that's a 
good thing.  I'm not holding my breath, though.  It's too easy to make money 
off of children--just wait until the next summer Disney movie comes out and 
your kids are begging to go get whatever 15 cent toy is being given away 
with a Big Mac meal.

As an addendum, I like the BK veggie burger.  It ain't bad.

--Robert Page

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