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Re: [IP] Vent

>  Is this a Walgreen's thing or something?  I like having my
>  prescriptions
> there, since they're EVERYWHERE and I can always count on getting a
> refill with no problems, no matter where I am.  I'm beginning to
> wonder if it's worth it.  They wouldn't give me a full 300 test

Most if not all of the pharmacies use a computer interfact to the 
insurance company. It is standard policy with most insurance 
companies to only allow 200 or less strips per month. The local 
pharmacist is under contract to provide no more than what the 
insurance company allows. If they go over the limits then they will 
not be reimbursed. It's a catch 22. To get the refill you generally 
must have a physician written waiver in place and "IN THE SYSTEM" of 
your insurance provider. The insurance companies appear to be using 
the pharmacy providers (both local and mail order) as a cut-out to 
help them avoid providing the strips "we need". I went through this 
song and dance with Express Scripts and with the local Walgreens. 
The pharmasist a Walgreens was very nice and took the time to explain 
to me how the system works for them and what I needed to do to get 
around the problem. The task was not so easy with Express Scripts, 
primarily because the customer service person really does not know 
how to get around the limitations. What is required is to contact the 
pharmacy services department of the insurance company. This is not 
always easy. When you call insurance customer service, they think you 
want to talk to the pharmacy provider (in our case Express Scripts), 
even though you say "pharmacy services". Well.... really, each 
insurance company has a department that coordinates pharmacy 
benefits, and those are the people you must get to. The will give you 
the same run-around, but in the end they must provide what the doctor 
writes for. They will request that the doctor write a letter 
justifying the "excessive" strips, see my list below :-)

Testing Requirements :-)))

Upon waking
Before meal or snack
2-3 hours post prandial
Before driving or operating dangerous or heavy machinery
Hourly while doing the above
When you "feel" low or high
Every 20-30 minutes while correcting a low
Hourly while correcting a high
Before exercise or watersports
Hourly or as needed while doing above
Before bed
2-3:00 am if unusual activities during the day or you suspect a night
low will occur

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