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Re: [IP] Honeymoon Period

> Can someone explain to me what the "Honeymoon period" is?  An endo
> has told my friend that he won't prescribe a pump for her daughter
> until she through the honeymoon period.  My friend has also read
> that the pump could prolong the honeymoon period.  Wouldn't that be
> a good thing?

The Honeymoon period is when the pancreas still is able to produce 
some insulin. Taking insulin or using a pump eases the load on the 
pancreas so the remaining beta cells last longer (that's the 
theory anyway). Starting pump therapy while in the honeymoon phase 
has the postive side effect of learning to regulate basal insulin 
while the body's regulatory mechanism is still working -- albeit only 
a little -- this takes up the slack when human errors occur in basal 
and bolus programing. i.e. the lows aren't as low, the high's aren't 
as high.

this young lady only needs to be on MDI long enough to learn to do it 
properly  --- maybe 60 - 90 days max.

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