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Re: [IP] Help Please


  ANY kind of infection or illness will set off your BGs.  Some people will 
actually go low during this but on the whole most people will go higher and 
require LOTS of extra insulin.  Do you have the  book, PUMPING INSULIN by 
John Walsh, 3rd edition?  This is THE book on pumping and he goes into 
details about all of this stuff.  You can find it through this list's book 
page and in buying anything through this link you will be giving this list a 
much needed donation from Amazon as well.

Most people during an illness or infection will do a temp. increase in basals 
across the board (most pumps offer this as a feature).  That is what we have 
to do with Josh.  Even a site infection, ear infection, sore throat, anything 
that is out of the ordinary, will require some extra insulin.  Also be 
cheecking keytones more often during this time period as they are more prone 
to coming up also.

Good luck.  Get the book if you don't already have it.

mom to Joshua
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