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Re: [IP] Vent

At 12/5/2002, 07:39 AM liz wrote:
 >> Sorry, I just got so frustrated that this women would tell me that I don't
 >> test myself 10 times a day as though it were a bad thing to take control
 >> this disease and do something that can very possible keep my body healthy.
 >> All this is after a four month battle with Walgreens on not giving me the
 >> right amount of insulin. At least they figured it out this time around.
 >maybe this is the time to write a letter to the company to complain about
 >the service.

If the doctor has prescribed 10 tests/day then it's not the place of some 
pharmacy employee to question that number. I'd talk to whoever is in charge 
of that store's pharmacy and tell them what occurred. If there is no 
satisfactory resolution at this level, then go higher up. Unless Walgreens 
has started practicing medicine, it seems that they are out of line here.

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