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Re: [IP] Another whopper of a lawsuit

When does common sense come into the picture? There was a book written a couple of years ago that was titled "The Death of Common Sense" the author's name eludes me at the moment. 

Similar arguments can be used in medicine, business and other fields to justify almost anything. 

We see this kind of reasoning on this site in many of the posts on insurance coverage of diabetes supplies and products. As an example, insurance companies will not cover the MiniMed Quick-sertor ($14) because you can insert the infusion sets  manually. In this case common sense would dictate they pay for the sertor to make using the pump easier so that you want to remain healthy and therefore not submit as many higher $ value claims. Penny wise and dollar foolish. 

What did we do before Newton and Descartes introduced mathematical analysis to everything? Gee..that was only 350 years ago...haven't we been around longer than that?  

Just some things to think about.

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