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RE: [IP] Another whopper of a lawsuit

Wayne [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Isn't this case similar to the women who spilled "hot" coffee on herself
> having it on her lap in a moving car and claiming she didn't realize it
> was hot? She won her case (????) against McDonald's and if you notice, all
> of the coffee cups now have  Caution: HOT printed on them. I wonder how
> long before this she drank cold coffee??

In that case, the coffee served by McDonalds was at almost 200 degrees F.
Most restaurants serve coffee at around 165 degrees, and it quickly cools to
about 140.  The woman spilled the coffee in her lap and suffered first,
second, and third degree burns in her genital area and had to have quite a
bit of reconstructive surgery.

In the end, after appeals, she received payment for her treatment and a
small amount extra for her suffering - nowhere near the $Millions originally
awarded in court.

A significant problem with these lawsuits against fast food companies is
that the plaintiff(s) will have to demonstrate that these foods are somehow
addictive and that their ability to control the appetite was intentionally
diminished due to the makeup of the menus and the specific foods served.
It's quite a stretch, IMHO.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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