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[IP] Vent

OK, so yesterday I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions, including 
300 test strips. When I picked them up I noticed before I paid that the test 
strips were not there. So, I ask where they are. The guy gets on the computer 
and says, oh we are out. I said, no you are not they are right over there. I 
point to a whole bunch of the Ultra test strips. The guy said, oh no we don't 
have any boxes of 100 test strips. I said, so get me the boxes of 50 its the 
same thing. He talks to the pharmacist and she comes over and said, you don't 
really test yourself 10 times a day do you. You don't need that many test 
strips. She was so bitchy and rude. I looked her straight in the eye and 
said, yes I test myself 10 times a day, many times it is more!  Then she 
proceeds to tell me that they would give me an IOU. I said that was 
unacceptable. I am getting on an airplane the next day (today, yay!) to go on 
vacation for a month and there was no other opportunity for me to get my test 
strips and I said, you have boxes of 50 over there and I will take 6 boxes. 
After a little more arguing she finally gives them to me.

Sorry, I just got so frustrated that this women would tell me that I don't 
test myself 10 times a day as though it were a bad thing to take control of 
this disease and do something that can very possible keep my body healthy. 
All this is after a four month battle with Walgreens on not giving me the 
right amount of insulin. At least they figured it out this time around.

Adriana, who is leaving in a few hours to go home and see the 'rents after 
being at school for 4 months. WOOOHOOO!
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