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Re: [IP] Help Please (lengthy)

The blood sugars you are experiencing are obviously too high. The things you should do immediately are:

1) Calculate the correct bolus to get your BG down to your target range ASAP

2) You should start to check for ketones. If they do not start coming down as your manage to bring your blood sugar down call your diabetes care team or doctor.

The four units you indicated that you took are probably nowhere near the amount of insulin you need to bring your BG back into range. I'm not sure from your email if you have worked out your insulin sensitivity factor (SF) or correction bolus. A quick way to determine how much insulin you need is to subtract your target from the current BG level and divide by the Correction bolus factor. For example, my SF is 32 mg/dl per unit on insulin. That means that for every unit of insulin I take my BG will drop 32 mg / dl in approximately 2 1/2 hours using Novolog rapid insulin. My BG target is 120.

If my BG is 330 as you indicated the correction bolus would be 330-120=250; 250/32=7.8 or 8 units of rapid insulin. 

If you are going to eat during this period you must add the correction bolus to the normal amount of insulin used to cover the carbs in your meal.

I you are not going to eat, you should just bolus the amount calculated and and test in two to three hours.

I know this was lengthy but I hope it helps.

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