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Re: [IP] Another whopper of a lawsuit

I tend to agree, but I can also see that corporate-food-america needs to be
given a warning that it can't continue to prey on the uninformed and the
"I don't wish to be informed" consumers.  Those of us who pay attention to
these things don't have a problem.  It's those who don't want to do any
research into what they're eating and the affect it may have on them that the
fast food industry is taking advantage of.

Wouldn't you love to know how many servings of carbos are in a "regular" fry
at McD's?   When the regular fry keeps getting larger and larger each year,
how is the average consumer to know that they are actually eating 2 or 3 
servings instead of just one?

I agree that people _should_ know what they are sticking in their faces,
but it's also true that the food producers should be more forthcoming with
details about how to properly include their products into our diet.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> I sure hope the judge laughs this case right out of the courtroom.  This is 
> ridiculous!  No one told him he had to go eat fast foods all day every day!!!
>  Well, I know I can't pass judgement and I don't mean to but I feel the same 
> away about the smokers and their tobacco use.  And my hubby happens to be one
> of them.  No one told them they had to do it in the first place, or continue 
> to do it once they were old enough to know better!

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