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[IP] Help Please

During the Thanksgiving weekend my sugars were totally
out of control.  I did cook and so was not taking care
of myself as I should but it lasted for 3 days.  I was
between 300 & 400 every evening.  It got better for a
few days and is doing it again.  Last night my sugar
was 352 when I went to bed.  Checked it in the middle
of the night.  It was still high and I had taken 4
units of insulin by injection.  Got up this morning
and it was 382, took more insulin by injection, ate
and it is 377 now.
I've been on the pump since Oct. and have had diabetes
for only 2 years.  I'm still kind of new at this and 
clueless in these kind of emergencies.
I've called my doctors office and waiting for them to
call back.
It almost feels like the insulin stops working after
awhile, even injections.  Can anyone with experience
help me figure out why this is like this?
I have had a cold or some kind of bug during this? 
Can that do this?

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