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Re: [IP] Honeymoon Period

I am in the honeymoon period - 11 months now. My body still produces some
insulin. I am going on a pump within the next month. I can't say that my
endo thought it was good or bad during the honeymoon stage, because he
really is not pro-pump to begin with. If he is recommending against it
because there will be changes in the insulin rates as she loses the
remaining insulin production then I would suspect he would not recommend a
child ever going on the pump because their needs will change during puberty.
I would definitely push the issue if I were her. I wrote a letter to my endo
outlining exactly why I thought I should go on the pump. His nurse called me
back and said he agreed. I have not seen or heard from him since. When
requested by the pump distributor, he did send in a script. My next appt
with him is Dec 10th. I am going to call and postpone until next month. In
the meantime, I have an appt with a new endo's office for Dec 31st. I hope
to be on the pump by then. If I like the new office, I will just cancel with
the old. His reason for not putting me on the pump 6 months ago was because
they can leak.

>Jan email @ redacted Wrote:  Can someone explain to me what the
"Honeymoon period" is?  An endo has told my friend that he won't prescribe a
pump for her daughter until she through the  honeymoon period.  My friend
has also read that the pump could prolong the honeymoon period.  Wouldn't
that be a good thing?
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