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[IP] Re: Halle Berry....again

>There is an interview with Halle Berry in an "adult" magazine this 
month, >addressing her diabetes, but not revealing much. In the intro, it 
reads, >"When she was 22 she was told she had diabetes, but she 
mistakenly >injected herself with insulin for years when other treatment 
options were >available." During the interview, when asked about the 
diabetes, she >said, "I got on insulin right away when I shouldn't have, 
so I was a slave >to the shots, and to eating and trying to work. 

Interesting.  As a non-overweight 22-year-old, she might well have been 
initially misdiagnosed with type 1 (if type 2 is in fact what she really has).  
So that could have been what happened here.  However, if so, I wish she 
would have EXPLAINED that rather than just saying she "found a better 
way to manage it".

Another thought -- how old is she now?  How long has she had diabetes?  If 
she's a slow-onset type 1, she might still have some insulin production left.  
Maybe with diet (or whatever her "better way" is) she's currently able to 
control it without insulin.

Anyway.....it's sad that "straight answers" about Halle Berry's diabetes are 
so hard to come by.  If she's going to talk about it in public at all, it would 
be nice for her to explain exactly what she has, etc., rather than giving 
vague and confusing statements like above.

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