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[IP] Blood in cannular

Hi All
I'm on my 5th infusion set ( Disetronic Tender ) and I have a problem that I
would like some info on. Several days ago I was changing infusion sets. I
inserted the new one, the old one looked OK, but after the change I went to
remove the old one and noticed that there was blood in the teflon bit that
stays in the body. As I removed it a small bubble of blood formed on the
skin surface. I put a tissue on the area, applied a little pressure and it
stopped bleeding after a few seconds. Was not worried about this but again
last night I had blood showing in the cannular when looking through the
clear plastic window of the set. I had checked it many times a day since
inserting it and had intended to remove it today when the resovoir emptied.
It had been in for 3 days and about 4 hours. I changed it immediately but am
wondering if this is a common occurrence. Does this happen regularly to
other people?
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