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Re: [IP] Halle Berry......again

> Hello,
> There is an interview with Halle Berry in an "adult" magazine this
> month, addressing her diabetes, but not revealing much.  In the
> intro, it reads, "When she was 22 she was told she had diabetes, but
> she mistakenly injected herself with insulin for years when other
> treatment options were available." During the interview, when asked
> about the diabetes, she said, "I got on insulin right away when I
> shouldn't have, so I was a slave to the shots, and to eating and
> trying to work.  Later, I found a better way to manage it." That is
> all the details she reveals about it.  I'm not sure what she means
> by "mistakenly" injecting insulin, or that she got on insulin when
> she shouldn't have.  She does not fit the typical profile for a Type
> 2.  And she doesn't say what the "better way to manage it" is.

There was a thread about Halley about a year or so ago and it was 
speculated that she may have what's called "Atypical" diabetes, found 
mostly in blacks that presents like Type 1 in kids but stabalizes as 
Type 2 later in life.

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