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Re: [IP] :-(

> Well what I really want to be is Matlock!  but I somehow doubt that could
happen - well actually now adays I wouldn't doubt with a lot of surgeries
they probably could make me matlock!  I'd also like to be a forensic
scientist or a coroner, but thats all in my dreams doubt I could actually do
it in real life!

on the other hand, why not?  you do need the first degree (or minimum 2
years undergrad) to apply to most canadian med programs, to the best of my
knowledge, so why not?

the coroner is a mightily undervalued profession, and would be pretty cool.

i'm not one for working with kids for long periods of time, especially
teaching - no patience. :)  i admire people who can teach or work with kids,
day in and day out.  i used to be a brownie leader, and that was fun, but no
way would i be able to teach.   then again, just watch me end up working
with young offenders. :)  i'd probably just encourage them to re-offend.  ;)
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