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Re: [IP] :-(

Well what I really want to be is Matlock!  but I somehow doubt that could happen - well actually now adays I wouldn't doubt with a lot of surgeries they probably could make me matlock!  I'd also like to be a forensic scientist or a coroner, but thats all in my dreams doubt I could actually do it in real life!   
My best bet is working with kids. - just have to work out the insurance side of it all!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> no kidding.  i'm fully aware that the best bet for me is somewhere 
> in the
> federal government, especially with a crim degree and a lot of 
> researchexperience.  of course, i am also planning on doing the 
> foreign service
> exams, just in case i get in and get the chance to travel.
> but knowing that that medical insurance will be so necessary, and 
> that it's
> just about impossible (or really really expensive) to get it when you
> already have dm (this also coming from friend in insurance biz), i 
> know that
> i'll be looking for work in areas where there's insurance.
> someone from mbna called this afternoon (the old credit card 
> thing).  she
> started her spiel, and i cut her off, politely, saying that 
> there's no way
> that i'd be accepted since i'm unemployed and a student.  she 
> started in
> with the whole special student stuff, but i told her that i'm 
> dealing with
> student loans as it is, and around $500/month in medical expenses not
> covered by the university plan.  she finally gave up.
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