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[IP] Halle Berry......again

There is an interview with Halle Berry in an "adult" magazine this month,
addressing her diabetes, but not revealing much.  In the intro, it reads,
"When she was 22 she was told she had diabetes, but she mistakenly injected
herself with insulin for years when other treatment options were available."
During the interview, when asked about the diabetes, she said, "I got on
insulin right away when I shouldn't have, so I was a slave to the shots, and
to eating and trying to work.  Later, I found a better way to manage it."
That is all the details she reveals about it.  I'm not sure what she means
by "mistakenly" injecting insulin, or that she got on insulin when she
shouldn't have.  She does not fit the typical profile for a Type 2.  And she
doesn't say what the "better way to manage it" is.

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