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[IP] Re: Survival & Re: dclover (longish)

I really appreciate the quality of 99% of posts here at IP.  In fact, it 
amazed me right from the time I signed up; this is one of the most 
to-the-point, clean, supportive, and helpful boards I've ever used.

That being said, I think we (as users of IP) need to recognize that 
"flaming" is bound to take place.  Though I don't think that means that we 
should just let something go when it offends us.  dclover's post offended me 
the first time I read it, especially due to the profanity (which I deem to 
be a cop-out on the english language).

But I'd like to defend the offending user:  I sent him an encouraging email, 
and I have been emailing with him since. (aparently mine was the only 
encouraging email). He is having an atroscious time adjusting to his 
diabetes, and he is incredibly embarrassed by and sorry for his angry 
outbursts.  While he didn't do much to gain our support, I think we should 
offer it anyway.  I know everybody's diagnoses experience was varied, but 
surely you can remember the emotions of grieving? (if you were old enough!) 
Anyway in my humble opinion, he's not a bad guy, he's just a guy who is 
REALLY struggling with his BG's and adjustment.  Thanks to all who read this 
far!  Happy pumping,


p.s. thanks to Michael and Brian and all the other volunteer administrators 
at IP. You guys do a great job keeping the boards up and running smoothly.  
Way to go!

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