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Re: [IP] :-(

> Well I'm trying to pick my courses that I want to take for college next
year and I'm having a heck of a time!  I'm trying to think of something that
I actually want to do for the rest of my life BUT that also has medical

no kidding.  i'm fully aware that the best bet for me is somewhere in the
federal government, especially with a crim degree and a lot of research
experience.  of course, i am also planning on doing the foreign service
exams, just in case i get in and get the chance to travel.

but knowing that that medical insurance will be so necessary, and that it's
just about impossible (or really really expensive) to get it when you
already have dm (this also coming from friend in insurance biz), i know that
i'll be looking for work in areas where there's insurance.

someone from mbna called this afternoon (the old credit card thing).  she
started her spiel, and i cut her off, politely, saying that there's no way
that i'd be accepted since i'm unemployed and a student.  she started in
with the whole special student stuff, but i told her that i'm dealing with
student loans as it is, and around $500/month in medical expenses not
covered by the university plan.  she finally gave up.
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