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Well I'm trying to pick my courses that I want to take for college next year and I'm having a heck of a time!  I'm trying to think of something that I actually want to do for the rest of my life BUT that also has medical coverage!  Not easy.  Seriously I just want to babysit for the rest of my life!  I'd like to get my Early Childhood Education and open a small in home daycare but there'd be no medical coverage at all and I definatly can't afford to pay $1200 a year.  I could also get my ECE and work in a day care or if I get a 4.0 GPA I can transfer into the Universities teacher program but not sure if I really want to be a teacher, I'd rather have more of a one-on-one contact with kids.  And there is really no need for teachers or day care workers around here.  To add to it all I definatly don't want to move away for a job.
I'm thinking about taking the Developement Services Worker program and working with kids with disabilities, but not sure about coverage and there's no guareentee who you'll work with young kids or older people.


Guess I'll have to marry rich and have lots of kids and be a stay at home man!  - I wish it were that easy!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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