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Re: [IP] Paradigm Reservoir

That is why they say you have to decide.  If you think it is to close to
call then stay with the 508 at 300 units.  Just switching pumps doesn't mean
you will use less insulin.

Gayle Armstrong RN, CEN

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Subject: [IP] Paradigm Reservoir

> Please do your share and make a tax deductible donation to the FALL
> pledge drive. Your help is needed to raise the remaining funds
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> Are Paradigm users finding that the 176-size reservoir is enough? I am
> assuming that most users are on a 3-day cycle of insertion set and
> reservoir changing and I am wondering how that is impacted by the 176
> size, especially if ca. 20 units are in the tubing.
> We are looking at pumps and are currently using about 70 units a day
> with syringes.
> Thanks,
> Joe
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