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[IP] getting along

When doing some research on the Paradigm, I found the IP list.  To me, it's a
Godsend.  I feel like I know what each one of you is experiencing!!  My entire
life I have been treated more like "glass" than a person.  Don't we all get
tired of "oh... they're diabetic" and the sad looks you get?  Well here on the
IP list I don't feel bad about having a disease.  I for once feel good in
knowing I am not alone.  The few times I have asked a question, it's been
answered immediatly.  Faster than if I'd call my endo or educator!!
  In the days when everything around us is falling apart, can't we just get
along?  In response to the person who was recently diagnosed.  We've all gone
through tough times.  We've all "hated" what is happening to us.  I was 11
when I was diagnosed.  I rebeled a lot in my teens.  I only wish I had access
to something like the IP list and the many friends I have met... back then.  I
hope you can overcome your hatred of the world and realize this list will help
you.  I can't say I agree with everything on here, but I "take it with a grain
of salt".  Because of reading all these emails I made a choice to go with the
paradigm.  And also,  I have learned many things to help me out in day to day
  We all know diabetes isn't going away.  We have to deal with it everyday so
let's just deal with each other... everyday!!
                                                                Best Wishes to
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