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[IP] Survival Thread - Vision Impairements

I've been fortunate to be friends with an individual at Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic in Princeton, NJ [http://www.rfbd.org]and have been shown many of the services and tools they can provide for asssistance to those with vision impairments.  If/ as vision loss occurs which seems to be 'normal' with some diabetics, this organization can assist with text, gadgets, computer software, and, within liability limitations, refer you to low vision specialists throughout the world.  They have studios around the country for those of us with high vision that wouldn't mind doing some volunteer reading for others.  They are part of an international consortium that has just relased books on CD that are bookmarked so that you can get to a page # within a book by pressing two or three keys on the player. If you know of anyone that could benefit from their non-profit services, investigate their services at rfbd.org.   Bob
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