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[IP] Re: 80U rule myth

Being 39 and diabetic for 26 years, there is no exact daily insulin need in my book.  10-12 arm sticks or finger pokes is the best way to calibrate your son's insulin needs using at least 2-3 types of insulin with different absorption rates along with daily management of caloric intake and exercise. Especially as he gets older and his injection and/or pump sites become more unreliable.  There is nothing wrong with taking large amounts of insulin if that is what he needs to control his BSg's.  I range anywhere from 60 units to over 120 depending on what's happening in my life............my arm sticks are painless and there is no reason not to become over board on testing so you both can better learn his body rhythms and needs for insulin.  On shots, I do use Lantus for my basal, Humilin Regular to enhance higher needs for additional basal and/or various types of food, and Novalog for meals. On shots, I average 3-6 shots a day.  I am on a pump 50% of the time and on shots the rest due to needed site rest.  My A1C's are 5.6-7.1 over the past year-  I am a big advocate of test test test then test again and don't put yourself in a box thinking that too much insulin is bad.........it's the high BSg that does the damage-

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