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[IP] RE: basals for my almost 13 yr old son

From: "Riske, Joyce M." <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] RE: basals for my almost 13 yr old son

During the last two doctor visits for my 13-year-old son, we've been told by
the doctor that the boy is not to use over 80 units of insulin a day, that
80 units a day is some sort of insulin ceiling for kids who haven't entered
puberty yet. What's that about? I've never read about it or heard about it.
Pete weighs about 180 lb, so if we figure 1 unit/kg, he would be around 90.
. . which is about where Pete's insulin intake is. Anyone else heard about
the 80 unit/day rule?

Joyce Riske
email @ redacted
- ----------------------------------------------------------
What is your Son's build he sounds quite stocky. Insulin+ anabolic steroids
at puberty lead to putting on weight in the form of fat, so called bulking
up by "body builders" I know children become dysmorphic from this. At
puberty anabolic steroids are raging, in boyz and girlz. I'm not sure this
is the origin of the rule, ask your doc.  guys become more athletic girls
becomeless angular looking(gawky)anddevelop their curves a few months of
high glucose levels won't cause significant damage.when integrated over a
normal human lifespan, spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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