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Re: [IP] Paradigm Reservoir

To clarify.

I didn't mean that he should count on a reduction, just that it could
happen.  I meant to emphasize that you don't have to change sets when you
change reservoirs. Or at least with all the disconnect type sets out there
you don't have to with the Disetronic HTron, DTron, Animas, and MM508.  My
understanding is that you shouldn't have to do that with the Paradigm also.
I know that with the rapids, and bent needles it is much more difficult to
change because you don't have the opportunity to prime out any bubbles that
might occur in the tubing afterwards.

The question is how often does he want to be changing reservoirs.  I find
that every three days is pretty easy and not annoying.  I even reuse my
reservoirs at least once.  But then again I have a MM508 not a paradigm so I
can't speak for it, but again I am assuming you should be able to do the

-- Sherry
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